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You only need an user
and a password to create
an account.

Create event page:

You have to introduce the name, the place, the date
and the hour, event type

Add the event poster, the sponsor and
the description (you can insert pictures, anchors, hyperlinks, videos)

Define the tickets: ticket type, price, quantity
for sale, fiscal information (serial, number).
You can use "Advanced Options" ...

Select the event location (hall, arena, stadium..).
The location has to be defined in the "Locations" module

If there are events where the access is done different, according to the zones

Kompostor will provide a link where the page of the created event can be accessed (\Id_event). You will receive the link as a QR Code. When the user accesses the link (QR) he will see the event page and he will have the possibility to buy tickets. It only takes 2 minutes. The user will receive the ticket as an unique QR code, code that will be scanned and validate at the event entrance, through the Kompostor-Scan app. The app assures unique entries and warn if there any cases of fraud. The fraud possibility is 0.

Set how you want

Through Kompostor: The payment processor collect
from the users and transfers amounts to

Through the payment processor: You will sign
a contract directly to the payment processor
and you will receive

Through PayPal: you receive immediately the money into your PayPal account
, except the Kompostor commission

If the Organizer allows the payment through the payment order, the transfer will be made directly to the Organizer account.

You can define users with full access or only with scanning rights.

You have any time access to statistics and
actualized informations about sales

Tickets, occupancy level, auditorium map (for the events with predefined places), returns tax reports, but also reports about