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marţi, 17 aprilie, ora 10:00 - vineri, 20 aprilie, ora 18:00

București, România

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VIP Session 1 2587.00 RON / Bilet 5
VIP Session 2 2587.00 RON / Bilet 5
Full VIP 3783.00 RON / Bilet 5
Early Bird Session 1 1048.00 RON / Bilet 50
Early Bird Session 2 1048.00 RON / Bilet 50
Early Bird Full 1710.00 RON / Bilet 50
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Dedicated to prepare the next generation of top professionals in Culinary and Pastry Arts, Ducasse Education welcomes students and practitioners of all backgrounds and nationalities to discover its top Chef Instructors, revolutionary hands-on training programs, and vast network of industry specialists designed to cultivate the highest level of expertise and job ready skills in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

 To offer professionals Chefs to attend Ducasse Education demonstration Master Class
 To discover traditional French recipes through Alain Ducasse signature
 Value produce at each step of the process (including cutting techniques, cooking methods, seasoning etc).
 Improve plating design.
 Control produce quality.

Session 1 - Best of Alain Ducasse


-Design a suitable menu for an international clientele in a high-quality manner.

 -Prepare recipes from Alain Ducasse restaurants in various countries and regions of the world: USA, Asia, Eastern and Western Mediterranean, etc.

-Master countries’ specific techniques, preparation, set up, cooking methods and regeneration.

Session 2 - Alain Ducasse Desserts



- Structure a dessert menu based on three themes: Bistro, Gastronomic and Trendy (Naturalness).

Make plated desserts and cooked desserts with seasonal produce.

 - Adapt preparation and cooking techniques to enhance desserts’ presentation, appearance and quality while respecting produce properties.


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Ramona Matei