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joi, 15 martie, ora 10:00

București, România

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Kevin Hogan, Psy. D., will arrive here in March. His mission is to show you how to gain agreement, close more sales, make better deals and communicate with others in a way they feel respected, appreciated and like you while gaining compliance.

Session One:

You learn the most important aspects of Body Language. 

Body Language is almost invisible to the vast majority of people.

People often believe another person to be deceptive while communicating.

What if that person is you?

Starting today that will not happen any longer.

You will learn to spot real deception while being certain that YOUR body language is sending the RIGHT signals, so you are believed and heard.

Body language often makes up as much as 60 - 80% of communication and thus learning the real "first language" is critical to your success as an influential individual.

You will specifically learn techniques to make an excellent first impression,  be liked, believed and listened to!

Session Two:

Nonverbal communication is the most misunderstood of all communication. 

The difference between yes and no is rarely something you say with words.

Nonverbal communication determines the results of the MAJORITY of human interactions.

You will learn where to sit, how to stand, how to position your opponents and colleagues at a table.

You'll find out how to look at someone so they know you are communicating honestly with them.

You'll find out what color to wear in different contexts to get different results.

You'll find out how to use simple things like pens, paper, and a cell phone to trigger "yes" responses in others.

Session Three:

Invisible influence goes beyond our words, tone of voice, our appearance, and the look of the environment around you.

Kevin Hogan will teach you the latest tactics in what works best in influential settings.

Would you like to know how to tell a story that sells?

You've heard it matters for YOUR business that it matters. But you've never acted on it.

Today the door will be open.

Key tactics in story determine what is successful in communication and what will fail.

Some questions must be asked and others must not. For the first time you'll learn the 10 most important questions you must ask others to gain the sale, get the date or permission to offer your proposal.

There are unique items that when used properly will increase compliance, speed of compliance and QUALITY of work.  Today you see what a few of these you can use tomorrow are.

Suggestion. Most suggestions fall flat. They never get acted on. How would you like to have the formula to offer a suggestion that is almost impossible to follow through on?

It's here today.

The mind and the brain are two separate things and for the first time you'll find out how the brain tricks the mind into doing very little that really matters in communication.

The brain and mind must work in tandem to achieve success.

Today you find out how to "trick" your BRAIN and THEIR mind to drive people toward their most desired outcomes.

Your Questions?

Kevin will take questions from the audience (that are pertinent to the majority of the audience)  for as long as the crowd takes notes and is compelled to learn.

You'll also learn why your presentations should almost never accept questions from the audience and what to do instead.

To close the event Dr. Hogan will give you three persuasion tactics he has only shared with his Inner Circle.

You won't find these on You Tube or in his books.

AS you leave the event, if you wish to have your photo taken with Kevin Hogan to post on Facebook, you can do just that.

Your books can all be autographed on the spot. Kevin has agreed to stay until the last autograph is signed and picture taken.

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